Our Story

Hails has always chased her dreams and chased them hard.  Her first career and passion was beauty therapy.  An industry where she could be creative, nurture people and make them feel good inside and out.  So with the help of her family she ran her own salon for ten years doing just that.

During these years she met and married the love of her life... her perfect partner.  The urge to become a mother became increasingly and overwhelmingly strong.  Going on personal history it was obvious it was never going to be an easy road and it wasn't.  The urge, the desire and the not knowing was unimaginable, so after many years of what was a traumatic time, the magical soul that is Wynter James Cronin arrived!! This gave Hails a renewed zest for life.  It was this new passion that lead her to follow this dream... her very own label, one she is proud of, one created with heart, soul and energy... fridayiminlovexo!

"I have always loved how you can put together a rad outfit either randomly or planned and it can lift you up, make you smile bigger, make you feel dreamy, blissful, playful or sexy.  Just like a song can provoke feelings, so can clothing.  I wanted to created pieces that you live in, have fun in, make memories in. Fashion for the flower child with a rock n' roll heart.

Live hard, love harder xo